What sort Of Natural Traffic Will Traffic-Bug Generate?

We have seen increases in customers by as much as 75%!  That number isn’t really that typical and it can depend on a lot of factors.

For one, it depends on how popular of a subject you are trying to promote.  If the niche you are trying to promote is about “Carpet” for example then it probably won’t see much of a natural traffic increase.  However if your site was about Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie then you may see a much larger volume of natural traffic generated from the RSS and social bookmarking sites.

The second thing depends on how original your post is.  If you are just copying an old news story and are a week late to promote the story that has already been flooded in the social bookmarking sites then you won’t really see any traffic at all.  However if you are the first one to post about your new special blend of carpet that is made from moon dust then you probably will see a nice massive increase.  J

Lastly it can depend on how exciting or compelling of titles and descriptions you used.  If you used monotone boring titles then nobody will click on your story to even get the chance to follow it back to your website.

Don’t fear though…If you have a niche that just isn’t getting much natural traffic increases  if any in the SB sites that doesn’t mean you aren’t still getting benefit from the link juice.

Will the Traffic-Bug do a search to find me my backlinks?

The traffic-bug staff is very serious about helping our customers anyway we can.  Unfortunately, due to the high volume of customers right now we can’t spend that much time on every customer finding their backlinks.

However, to better assist you we are developing an entire report system which will give you “On Demand” access to all your bookmarks, directory submissions, RSS distribution, etc.

This will be a print or email friendly report and we should have this feature ready for you in the next 1-2 months

Can Traffic-Bug get my site sandboxed?

It could.  Any automated tool as powerful as Traffic-Bug could get your site in deep waters with Google.  However, this is highly unlikely.  We have run dozens of tests trying to tick off the big search engines and never achieved that goal.

Traffic-Bug does several things to look natural and fly under the radar, but the biggest thing we do to keep you protected is by putting you in control of your site.  Traffic-Bug offers three aggression levels that you can choose for every single post.

A final note:  Traffic-Bug is very very powerful and must be treated as so.  You should only be using Traffic-Bug to promote quality content that is white hat friendly.  Obviously if you are using black hat techniques for your site and then use Traffic-Bug it will only help get you Slapped sooner!

This shouldn’t be a problem because the majority of our users should be producing quality content that is white hat friendly!  After all that is how you truly make money online.

Should I treat new sites and old sites differently?

Not Really.  For newer sites I do try to make more posts on that particular blog and submit those posts to Traffic-Bug on higher aggression levels.  This will allow for the sites to be indexed faster, but for a general rule of thumb you can use Traffic-Bug on new sites and old sites just the same.

As always, it’s about looking natural.  So vary your aggression levels up.

What languages does Traffic-Bug support?

Currently Traffic-Bug only supports English.  Not all bookmarking sites and directories we submit to supports every language so we are beginning to divide up the directories and bookmarking sites so that in the future we can support all the other major languages.

In the meantime it would be best to enter your sites in English as this will still provide link juice.






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