What Does Traffic-Bug Do To Look Like The Bookmarks And Back Links Are Natural.

First off Traffic-Bug puts you in control of the aggression level for each post which will greatly effect how many bookmarks are made and over what time.

However, that wasn’t enough for us.  We have added thousands of different IP’s and have a complex IP rotation system.  Our software keeps track of how often an IP visits one particular site.  Once the IP has visited a site it won’t visit that site again for a long time.  This helps the bookmarks it makes look natural.

Traffic-Bug also has built in random features.  If you select High Aggression for two different URL’s you will notice one might generate 200 bookmarks while the other one generated 189.  That is because it would look to robotic if the same exact number of bookmarks were generated every time.

For social bookmarking we also use thousands and thousands of various “Fresh” new bookmarking accounts.

One of the last things Traffic-Bug does to help look natural is that it “Spins” your titles, descriptions and keywords.  So one bookmark might have one title while another bookmark will have a completely different title.

What sort of Natural Traffic will Traffic-Bug generate?

There is no set answer to this.

We have seen increases in customers by as much as 75%!  That number isn’t really that typical and it can depend on a lot of factors.

For one, it depends on how popular of a subject you are trying to promote.  If the niche you are trying to promote is about “Carpet” for example then it probably won’t see much of a natural traffic increase.  However if your site was about Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie then you may see a much larger volume of natural traffic generated from the RSS and social bookmarking sites.

The second thing depends on how original your post is.  If you are just copying an old news story and are a week late to promote the story that has already been flooded in the social bookmarking sites then you won’t really see any traffic at all.  However if you are the first one to post about your new special blend of carpet that is made from moon dust then you probably will see a nice massive increase.  

Lastly it can depend on how exciting or compelling of titles and descriptions you used.  If you used monotone boring titles then nobody will click on your story to even get the chance to follow it back to your website.

Don’t fear though…If you have a niche that just isn’t getting much natural traffic increases  if any in the SB sites that doesn’t mean you aren’t still getting benefit from the link juice.

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