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I was curious to know whether Traffic-Bug is doing something to improve their site and submission. Then, I decided to contact their customer support and I had couple of emails to and fro with their Project Manager. And, I am very pleased to say that they are going to come up with some great features by the end of February 2010.

Their project manager has shared the following updates with me.

  1. They are now going to increase their Social Bookmarking, Directories and RSS Feed URLs database.
  2. Traffic-Bug 2.0 will be launch by the end of February 2010, with effective User Interface.
  3. Good News is they have successfully added PING feature.
  4. They are going to update their script/code for getting directory submission email. They have now said that Users will now start getting more and more submission emails.
  5. They have successfully cracked 900+ directories and their captchas. They will soon integrate it and will launch traffic-bug 2.0 .
  6. Well, the list does not stop here. They are adding Advance Category option very soon. This is to make sure that your website should get submitted to the correct category. Isnt good?
  7. Last but not the least, they were able to crack 10 new RSS URL websites and they have integrated in Traffic-Bug. Now you can enjoy their submission.

Their Project Manager has also informed me that once they will implement new Advance categories, every user will have to update their categories. So, further submission will be placed with correct categories.

Traffic –bug added new ping services

Once again traffic bug has done a good job. As a new year gift to their members, they have added ping features. You guys might be amazed about what is PING service?

There are a number of automatic ping sites like Ping-o-Matic etc that will notify other sites that you have updated your pages. If you don’t have notification software built into your site, or if there are sites you want to notify that aren’t supported by your software, these can be convenient.

However, you do need to understand that many of these sites cheerfully respond to any ping with a positive response even though they have no record of your site in their database at all. Many will just as cheerfully acknowledge a ping referencing a non-existent site. Pinging them may not automatically add your site; you may need to visit them and manually add your information before that ping has any value at that site.

On the other hand, there’s some question as to whether these notifications have any value at all. Until very recently, I didn’t bother with any of this for my sites and yet when I checked my logs, I found that quite a few of these database sites were regularly spidering my pages anyway.

I suppose it cant hurt. The better places will probably find you anyway through other links, but that may be a hit or miss proposition, so going through the paperwork and being sure you are in their databases, and then following up with pings when you update may have some value.

Conclusion: Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. So, now onwards whenever youll add a new project or if you update a post on Traffic-Bug then make sure youll select ping service as YES in traffic-bug. This will help your new Sub URL or new post to get indexed into search engines with the help of this PING option. Ping option is something an immediate action.


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