RSS Distribution Features

When adding a Related URL what is the “RSS” feature for?

The RSS feature is to be used for when you want to promote an “RSS FEED”.  Many times this feature will be used by our more advanced customers as they submit things like their Yahoo Pipes URL feed or by creating an RSS feed out of a URL by using something like Feedburner.

How many RSS Aggregators does Traffic-Bug submit to?

Currently we submit to over 12 different RSS aggregators.  We feel this is a good start, but we will be increasing this number by 200% over the next few months as we get our software out of “Beta”.


What Search Engines does Traffic-Bug submit to?

Google, Yahoo, Lycos, HotBot, Ask, AOL, Netscape, MSN and Excite to name just a few.  We submit to a total number of 139 search engines.


Why isn’t my back links showing up in a back link checker?

There are many factors to this.

1) Traffic-Bug’s back link counter only counts when a back link submission is made….NOT when the back link is actually accepted.  Directories that Traffic-Bug submits to are like most directories, they can take up to two months before a link is accepted into the directory.  About 50% of back links can take up to two months, 20% in the first month, 10% nearly immediately, 10% may decline for various reasons and the last 10% may take longer than two months.

2) Backlink checker tools are not the most accurate.  There are many back link checking tools on the net and none of them are an exact science.  We recommend you use Yahoo’s free back link checking service but even some of the bigger free tools out there just can’t give you an exact number.  So some of your back links may not be showing but are there.

3) It can take search engines months to re-evaluate incoming links, so if you do a back link check today, there are likely links that are going into your site that haven’t yet been calculated in.

4) If your site is not indexed by Google then back links may not show up.

As you can see there are many factors that make this not an exact science.  However if you are patient you will see them roll in over time.

There are many places on the net to read more about this if you simply do an internet search on the matter.

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