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Some people want to hide their true identity when submitting to directories.  A lot of directories require a name when adding a site and Traffic-Bug will use your true name you signed up with.  You can however hide your real name if you so choose by placing a pen name in the settings page.

What Aggression level is right for me and my site?

All of them!  Traffic-Bug puts the customer completely in charge of their aggression levels and risk levels.  When automating any SEO techniques it is very important to make it look natural.

Try mixing things up.  When you are submitting “stupid/lame” URL’s to Traffic-Bug use the “LOW” aggression setting.  When I same lame I am talking about your site map page or your contact us page.

When submitting a new project or new ROOT URL then I would probably use a “HIGH” aggression to really promote your site.  Also if you make any really good posts that you put time into I would also use a “HIGH” aggression.

“Medium” aggression is another great option to vary up the number of bookmarks you will get.  I generally use “Medium” aggression the majority of the time and then switch to “High” aggression if my ranking dropped a bit or I really want to give a single post more exposure.

What does it mean when it says “IDLE” under the status field?

Currently the Status field represents Social Bookmarking.  RSS Distribution and Search Engine Submissions are nearly instant and this is why we don’t include them in the status.  Also Directory Submissions can go on for a long time so we didn’t want to include this into the Status display.

However Bookmarking is a good indication of how active or idle your site is.  If the software is no longer working on any bookmarks for your URL or Project then it will display Idle.

How come RSS Distribution isn’t displayed on either the Top Box or Bottom Box?

In order to add the RSS Distribution feature to Traffic-Bug in time for our launch we ran against a time crunch and did not have time to add the string of code necessary for us to track the submissions.

However, this is a pretty easy fix and as soon as we re-visit the RSS feature we will be adding this information into the report.

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