How Long Does It Take To Get The Full Effect Of Traffic-Bug?

Traffic-Bug can begin to help you immediately!  Social bookmarking and RSS distribution can help get sites indexed in mere days compared to the industry standard of two-three months!  So there is a huge benefit with Traffic-Bug right from the get go.  However it doesn’t stop there.  Traffic-Bug will slowly begin to build your site lots of natural back links which will help your site over time.

A submission to a directory can take up to two months before it is accepted.  This is not Traffic-Bug’s fault but rather the holdup is the directories themselves.

So you may not see approvals coming in for up to two months after you join Traffic-Bug.  So to hit the full power of the software about 60 days is when it will begin to really shine!

How does Traffic-Bug calculate how much time it saved me?

Traffic-Bug uses very conservative numbers when calculating how much time it has saved you.  We timed 10 different people and it took an average of 3 minutes for them to do each directory submission.  So this is the number Traffic-Bug uses to find how much time it has saved you for directories.  For social bookmarking we did a similar test and found that the average bookmark takes 2 minutes to create.

To calculate the total number of time Traffic-Bug has saved you it adds up both directory submissions and bookmarks.  However, this is a super conservative number, because the majority of people will not be able to make bookmarks or directory submissions at a high volume at this same speed.  To top it off we don’t even factor in RSS distribution or Search Engine Submission.

What is the Market Samurai API Key?

This is a new feature and it allows Traffic-Bug members to be able to do promotions from within side Market Samurai.

You will need to own a copy of Market Samurai in order to use this feature.

Once the feature goes live we will be adding training videos inside the “training videos” page.

Also, Market Samurai will have training videos on how to use the API inside their software.Your API key is unique so don’t give it out.

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