Adding A Related URL What Is The “Micro-Site Or Related Website

First we will discuss the first part of this “Micro-Site”.  If you build other web 2.0 sites such as Weebly, Hubpages, Squidoo, etc., and you wanted to use Traffic-Bug to promote these sites then you would simply select this option.  Other Micro sites can be treated like a new ROOT URL and traffic-Bug will unlock the features at the bottom of the page so that all options can be turned to yes!

For “Related Website” this is if you have another ROOT URL or website that you want associated to your main project.  Let’s say you entered in your  site as the main project, but you also have this other site that points back to your main cheese site.  With Traffic-Bug you can simply select this option and enter this cheese blog into the related URL’s box so it is associated with your main project yet it still has all the same features available.

To learn more about this we recommend you watch a training video about this feature.


How many bookmarks should I expect from the different aggression levels?

There is no exact number because Traffic-Bug has a built in random feature that prevents the same number of bookmarks from being made.  Traffic-Bug is designed to make the bookmarks look as natural as possible and thus there is no set in stone number.  However there is a pretty close estimation we can give you as the baseline.

Low – 100

Medium – 150

High -200

How quickly are bookmarks made?

There is no set number in stone, because Traffic-Bug mixes up the submission times for every single post.  This is in an effort to make the software look as natural as possible.  Generally it will take around two weeks for the bookmarks to be made.


No.  Traffic-Bug has been put together with careful thought and testing.  There is no point in boosting up Traffic-Bug to build you 1,000 backlinks in a single day.  If the software did this you would look like a major spam site.  Your links built would most likely be rejected and you greatly increase the risk of Google slapping you and lowering your sites ranking.

We are constantly playing with the submission speeds and numbers every day to try to find the perfect balance and effectiveness.

What Aggression level is right for me and my site?

All of them!  Traffic-Bug puts the customer completely in charge of their aggression levels and risk levels.  When automating any SEO techniques it is very important to make it look natural.

Try mixing things up.  When you are submitting “stupid/lame” URL’s to Traffic-Bug use the “LOW” aggression setting.  When I same lame I am talking about your site map page or your contact us page.

When submitting a new project or new ROOT URL then I would probably use a “HIGH” aggression to really promote your site.  Also if you make any really good posts that you put time into I would also use a “HIGH” aggression.

“Medium” aggression is another great option to vary up the number of bookmarks you will get.  I generally use “Medium” aggression the majority of the time and then switch to “High” aggression if my ranking dropped a bit or I really want to give a single post more exposure.

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